Our History

From humble beginnings, let us take you on a journey...

The Laugh out Loud Comedy Show emerged in 2013 by four students who wanted to experience a new, fun yet different type of entertainment.

It quickly became apparent that other students also ached for the same thing!


With innovation, a dream and a vision, Brighton welcomed LOLCS as the first (and only) student comedy event.


November 2013 hosted over 213 students across 3 universities, resulting in a night of an authentic, indigenous student bliss.


7 Universities, 8 major sponsorships!
It was sure to be a sold-out event

More than 300 students across the UK travelled for a night of laughter, comedy and pure entertainment.


We settled our guests in with a glass of champagne.

On Twitter, Tanya Maponga wrote, “@MoTheComedian had me in stitches yesterday!! Too, too live.”


The careful planning by team members showcased 6 prominent urban comedians. Some of which included, Mo The Comedian, Babatunde and KG The Comedian. The future of LOLCS is looking incredibly enticing.


400 sweets, 280 guests… MADNESS!!

With months of exhaustion, weeks of no sleep, endless editing and re-programming, it’s so amazing to see our work come to life.


We went all out, making sure the cast got a sugar rush during the promo video shoot!


Tez Ilyaz kicked our sweet laughter into gear and graced us with his opening act. While Kevin J, Mo the Comedian and Dane Baptiste had us in fits of laughter to end the the night.


Adot comedian kept the banter flowing through the night and was an amazing host. Nonetheless, the Sweet Laughs journey was amazing and we’re looking forward to bringing bigger and better shows to the London scene!